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Art Supplies: Distributors

Calligraphy Supplies
  • John Neal, Bookseller has a wonderful website with online catalog. They carry books and supplies for calligraphers and book artists. I have dealt with them many times over the course of many years and they are a very good company to work with.
  • Paper & Ink Arts has long been an excellent supplier of calligraphy supplies and books. PO Box 35, 3 North Second Street, Woodsboro, MD 21798. Telephone 1 800 PEN-7772, fax 1 888 PEN-7773.
  • Pendragon is no longer in business. (This has been true for many years, but people do still ask.)
Book Arts Supplies
  • The Guild of Book Workers has a list of U.S. suppliers. It's now free online. New York, New York.
  • John Neal, Bookseller also carries bookbinding supplies, as well as calligraphy supplies. Great website!
  • Talas has been providing bookbinding tools and materials for quite a long time. New York, NY. 212-219-0770.
  • Hollander's has a big selection of decorative papers, bookbinding supplies, books, kits and ... workshops, if you live in the Ann Arbor, Michigan, area.
  • Bookmakers. A longtime supplier of bookmaking tools and materials, they've got lots of experience. College Park, Maryland. 301-345-7979.
  • Colophon Book Arts Supply — a longtime supplier of many bookbinding tools and material. Lacey, Washington. 360-459-2940.
  • Cover Material Sales, Inc. has an inventory of bookcloth such as Roxite and Arrestox B & C cloths, Natural & Smooth Starch, Buckrams, Imitation Leathers and Papers. 1-800-225-7132.
  • ICG/Holliston makes of bookcloths. 800-251-0451.
  • J. Hewit & Sons, Ltd. has a website full of wonderful photos of the leathers, cloths, and many, many bookbinding tools and products. Scotland.
  • carries book repair and cleaning supplies, including kits. Methuen, Massachusetts. 978-965-2176.
  • As an acid-free alternative to redtag board, acid-free bristol board can be obtained from University Products, 1-800-628-1912. Ask for Perma/Dur Heavy Duty Folder Stock, .020 thickness, item # 750-2620. 15"x20" package of 50.
General Art Supplies
  • The Jerry's Catalog. I have always been satisfied with their service as a mail-order catalog.
  • New York Central Art Supply carries a huge range of artist's papers, including vintage papers.
  • Dick Blick has good prices on a good range of art supplies.
  • Pearl Paint also carries a huge range of artist's papers, and has a searchable website.

Art Supplies: Manufacturers

  • Winsor & Newton has web pages devoted to the paints and pigments it manufactures. There is a wealth of information to be found here.
  • Golden Artist Colors manufactures a variety of acrylic paints. Their web pages have a great deal of technical information about their paints, plus information about working with the paints.

Archival Storage

  • Light Impressions carries a wide range of archival products in a well-organized catalog. I've ordered from them several times and delivery has been prompt and the order accurate.
  • Exposures has a number of photo album options for archival quality, acid-free paper. 1 Memory Lane, Oshkosh, WI 54903-3615. Telephone 1-800-222-4947 (to order), 1-800-572-5750 (customer service).
  • Gaylord carries archival products and offers a catalog of archival products. Their main focus is library products.
  • Archival Products has come out with a new Conservation Buckram book cloth in limited colors. PO Box 1413, Des Moines, IA 50305. Telephone 1-800-526-5640. E-mail:
  • Masterpak. Items for archival storage and shipping, tyvek soft wrap, envelopes, conservation board, crating items, tubes, glassine, bubble wrap,and mostly large size boxes. Box 1465, Long Island City, NY 1101-9998. Telephone 1-800-922-5522 or 718-937-6330.

Framing & Packaging

  • Impact, a.k.a. "" carries a wide range of bags, envelopes, sleeves and folders in clear plastic, vellum, including foil-lined envelopes. Also, backing board.

Fine Art Papers

  • Twinrocker is a papermaking company which has worked closely with book artists and calligraphers to develop papers which meet their needs. They offer sample packets for a nominal fee.
  • Katie MacGregor Handmade Paper:: Box 70, Whiting, ME 04691 :: (207)733-0991 :: Makers of rag paper for artists, calligraphers, printers, conservators.
  • The Japanese Paper Place carries all kinds of washi and other oriental papers. Warning: depending on your self control, this site may be detrimental to your credit-card balance!
  • Aiko's Art Materials Import, Inc., based in Chicago, specialized in handmade Japanese paper. Stock Aiko's Papers are now stocked at Paper Connection International.
  • Washi Accents (formerly Ichiyo Art Store) in Atlanta, Georgia, carries a good selection of Japanese papers, sumi-e supplies, and bookbinding supplies.

Commercial Papers

  • Legion Paper carries a lot of papers, including envelopes and stationery.
  • Paper Access carries a large selection of laser and other commercial paper. Get on their mailing list and you'll get catalogs every other day or so :)
  • Jam Paper Online carries envelopes, especially, that are not easily found elsewhere.